Our Mission

Ilhm Center (Innovation Leadership and healtcare management) is an advanced Research Hub sharing knowledge, strategic partnerships and management skills in order to improve innovation, leadership and management processes in the healthcare supply chain.


Research Projects

Ilhm Center intends to carry out research, training, consulting and assistance activities with particular reference to the following topics:

  • Improving managerial culture in the digital healthcare, through advanced training in the area of ​​leadership, technological and organizational transformation;
  • Human resources management, organizational analysis and processes, performance monitoring and evaluation for empowerment and innovation;
  • Smart health technologies and connected care industry for the home caring and assistive medicine;
  • Big data,algorithms, data technologies and artificial intelligence in the precision medicine approach;
  • Predictive and personalized medicine. Accessibility , Sustainability and Ethics .
  • Financial dynamics for care-innovation and key performance indicators in public and private healthcare organizations ;
  • Value chains and cross specialties contaminations for the care pathway management;;
  • Risk management, medical auditing and liability system public health ;
  • Supply chain and advanced healthcare logistics and e-procurement models
  • Network strategic models and cooperative alliances in health organizations;
  • M & A and governance of health care complex structures;
  • Private equity, angel investors and startups in the biomedical and life science industry.