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Ilhm Center (Innovation Leadership and healtcare management) is an advanced Research Hub sharing knowledge, strategic partnerships and management skills in order to improve innovation, leadership and management processes in the healthcare supply chain.


Benedetto Torrisi

Dept. Economics and Business - Unict

Today is Professor in Business Statistics, in Statistics, Statistic
of Economics and in Statistics Control of Quality; D EGREE in Statistics and Economics -
University of Palermo; P H .D in Statistics Applied to the Territory, Pharthenope
University, Naples. He has a seventeen year experience as a Full Researcher in Statistics
of Economic Area in: Business Statistics, Economics Statistics, Statistics Control of
Quality and in Biomedical Statistics, He is the author of 63 publications, mainly in international scientific
journals. He is a member of various committees in the evaluation of the productivity of staff, evaluation of
project finance. He is married and he has two children.